Cocktail Clash Success

This year’s Cocktail Clash was too much fun, thanks primarily to everyone who showed up ready to whoop it up for BandWith!! We are truly blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.

The place was packed - so packed we coulda been tempted to get cranky if it weren’t for Tona’s food and the superbly delicious drinks being served by this year’s contenders!!

Those drinks were off the chain!! Our stellar bartenders, Nina, Tona, and Lawrence, were back for another round, and Leo and Tyler, fierce new additions. Tyler took home the trophy and put some of his earnings towards sponsoring a BandWith student. Joy!!

We raised over $13,000, a new record for the Clash, and added several new students to the Sponsorship program. We’re in position to crush the 2019/20 school year and keep on building. Stay tuned to hear how our newest programs - the Hope Junior All Star Band, BandWith Volunteers, and Visiting Artists - continue to grow over the coming year.

We’ll be in touch regarding exciting upcoming performances, including our annual Final Concert at the Hideout on the evening of June 12th.


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